Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reality Utopia: The Culture

   Hello my friends, today I speak of something what is very important for me, The culture in Chile, The culture is a concept very general, but for you understand to me , I spoken most of the taste for the arts and humanities than of customs of a community.

   In Chile, I think the people don´t very import the culture, because many factors, one is the costly of the culture in Chile therefore what only some can enjoy, for example the books are very expensive for taxation, for  there is so much piracy and the people read little.

  Also other factor is the life actuality, because for example now the people prefer most watch T.V.  than see theatre free, the people is most loose now, they want all easy and prefer to rest.

   I pity these people, because they lost the option learn and know. I’m happy when go to museums, theatres, exhibitions, because these help me to understand me most. And all where I go to is free or very cheap.

   I invite to open their minds and you meet now experiences what help you!!

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