Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Companion of travel

   My favourite object technology is my Mp4, It was a present of my boyfriend after of one discussion, remember it was in the Bustamante Park, on the 2011.
   I love my mp4, before with my mp4 I can hear my music in any place; above all when travel of my house to The University. There distance is very large, I travel two hour for arrive at my destiny, in the underground they is horrifying, because as goes down I can’t look the landscape, I can look a people only and they are beguile, but with my mp4 I only listen my music.
   I use my mp4 every day, twice a day and most, in the underground, the bus, in my bicycle, in the university, in everywhere.
    My life like without my mp4 be very boring, the distances would eternal.

Tanks John Van Gheel for create mp3 or mp4!!!!  


  1. I love listening music in any place, too.
    I hope you're fine.
    see you