Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ship Magic!

  Hello my friend... today I talk about a photography that means a lot for me, because I take in Valparaiso last month, a city magic for me, I always go to the port for exit of the city big, “Santiasco”.   
  This photography is of a ship were in  the Port in the late afternoon, represents everything felt as I was in “World's Slowest Train” taking a coffee, after of a ride for all Valparaiso. Being there made me feel complete, I didn't need nothing, I was happy with the simple of live, a coffee accompanied by a cigar, music of a piano they played the same visitors and ocean view. 

   In there minute all were very clear, told me why the people stealing, lying, cheating and killing for money? If I with only be there already I was happy, without money our luxuries.

     Something was very crazy, I know, but is something magic that never I forget.

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  1. it is a very beautiful photograph, i like a lot the ship and i love Valparaiso too.