Friday, 29 June 2012

The Last...

   Hello my fried, this is my last post in the blog, because the semester ends. The blog was an experience very didactic in comparison whit the class traditional I've had before.

   I enjoyed written in the blogs, because I create post reality, where I can express things I spent, about injustices, passions and ideals that I feel, feelings that move me. I didn’t complicated write the number of words, this was awesome, and I think was because the topics of blog were interesting.

  My post favourite was about photography I like, because I wrote about one moment very special in my live, this ship is beautiful for me. 

  Also I wrote in the blog helped me to learn redact in English, formed players and placing connectors. I meet new word too.

  Maybe the only thing lacking, was a teacher correction with commented in the blog, for I know as I made, and I can attention for other.

  Never had I written a blog before, but as I like I write my own blog, but In Spanish. See you on another occasion; I hope you enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoy writing them.

Bye will miss.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ideal Forever!

   Today I feel annoying and indignant because I exceed all the injustices as live the people. I always interesting the problem social in Chile, particularly inequality economic produce many problems most, for example poverty and discrimination.

  Personally I go to the periphery the city, where I see many problems in education, health, delinquency, but above all feel of impotence and I can’t do many, but neither go unnoticed.

  I believe that can change and is this where some people call me deluded. The people says is beautiful think so, but is false is because I am young and after I change my think, for this I tattoo my body with a word very import for my, “UTOP√ćA”.

  On my back I have an image a sunset, in where manages to capture the sun and this ideal hugs a woman, for my means Utopia, because there a sentence of Eduardo Galiano, is a Uruguayan journalistwriter and novelist.

   This is a sample for show to people what my ideal always is with me, I can’t forget my ideal. 

“Utopia is on the horizon. Walk two steps, it moves two steps and the horizon runs ten steps further. So for good is utopia? For that, used to walk."
                                                                                                                        Eduardo Galeano.