Thursday, 31 May 2012

"Days of our lives" Documentary

Hello my friends, I want recommend a documentary very good about Queen Band, It call "Days Of Our Lives”. The documentary is relatively new of a year ago, is produce for Rhys Thomas and Simon Lupton, addressed for Matt O'Casey, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Queen.
   This documentary unlike other has the advantage which appears Brian May and Roger Taylor, guitarist and drummer of the band. They speak for first experience the incredible musical career, and the death of Freddie.
   I think that is very interesting see as the peer of Freddie remember with very love, I always like the music of Queen and watching their history I loved of Queen, because the documentary fails to show the real people who are, people that love the music and search the perfection for their fans, Is a first band which is part of the fans at his concerts, the charisma of Freddie can.

   I lament not able see in life a Freddie and Queen in general, because now isn’t the same, Freddie is irreplaceable, for me the voice of he is the best of rock music. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ship Magic!

  Hello my friend... today I talk about a photography that means a lot for me, because I take in Valparaiso last month, a city magic for me, I always go to the port for exit of the city big, “Santiasco”.   
  This photography is of a ship were in  the Port in the late afternoon, represents everything felt as I was in “World's Slowest Train” taking a coffee, after of a ride for all Valparaiso. Being there made me feel complete, I didn't need nothing, I was happy with the simple of live, a coffee accompanied by a cigar, music of a piano they played the same visitors and ocean view. 

   In there minute all were very clear, told me why the people stealing, lying, cheating and killing for money? If I with only be there already I was happy, without money our luxuries.

     Something was very crazy, I know, but is something magic that never I forget.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reality Utopia: The Culture

   Hello my friends, today I speak of something what is very important for me, The culture in Chile, The culture is a concept very general, but for you understand to me , I spoken most of the taste for the arts and humanities than of customs of a community.

   In Chile, I think the people don´t very import the culture, because many factors, one is the costly of the culture in Chile therefore what only some can enjoy, for example the books are very expensive for taxation, for  there is so much piracy and the people read little.

  Also other factor is the life actuality, because for example now the people prefer most watch T.V.  than see theatre free, the people is most loose now, they want all easy and prefer to rest.

   I pity these people, because they lost the option learn and know. I’m happy when go to museums, theatres, exhibitions, because these help me to understand me most. And all where I go to is free or very cheap.

   I invite to open their minds and you meet now experiences what help you!!