Thursday, 31 May 2012

"Days of our lives" Documentary

Hello my friends, I want recommend a documentary very good about Queen Band, It call "Days Of Our Lives”. The documentary is relatively new of a year ago, is produce for Rhys Thomas and Simon Lupton, addressed for Matt O'Casey, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Queen.
   This documentary unlike other has the advantage which appears Brian May and Roger Taylor, guitarist and drummer of the band. They speak for first experience the incredible musical career, and the death of Freddie.
   I think that is very interesting see as the peer of Freddie remember with very love, I always like the music of Queen and watching their history I loved of Queen, because the documentary fails to show the real people who are, people that love the music and search the perfection for their fans, Is a first band which is part of the fans at his concerts, the charisma of Freddie can.

   I lament not able see in life a Freddie and Queen in general, because now isn’t the same, Freddie is irreplaceable, for me the voice of he is the best of rock music. 

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