Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Wall, the best concert of my life!

  Hello, today I talk about my going to concert of Roger Water, I remember were December 2th, 2011 on the Stadium National, and forget, this day was one of the most import of my life.  I went with best friend, Francisca, because she presented me to Pink Floyd, group what change my life and where Roger Water belonged.
   We went one hour before what opened the doors, and as we are girl, the boys what were forward, we were placed near the doors, this was very funny.
I had the location most cheap, gallery, but as we entered early, were very good located, the stage were very big too, of all parts we could see the stage. The stage were one wall, as the album what were to watch. Also the album is one movie, because in the wall projected scenes from the movie.   

   The concert started at 21:00 hours, promptly. Topic of the English, the started were glorious, because in the wall crashed a plane and shot fireworks, what emotion remember this.
I and my fried sang all the song the album the wall, I cried when Roger Water sang Comfortably Numb, ohh my head exploded with my heart, I remembered my past. I took many photographs.

All were special that day , and for that the remember always.

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